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Leather Bag Guide

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How to Choose a Good Duffel Bag


A duffel bag is a small bag mostly used by men while making short trips that don't require a big bag or suitcase. A good duffle bag is both functional and classy. This could be why some jokingly refer to it as weekend bags. Considering the rough nature of men the most appropriate material for a string duffle bag is leather. Below are some characteristics you must consider when making a choice.


The bag's quality.


The first consideration you should take into account is the quality of the leather. Read more about this in the site at A good quality leather bag is the only thing that makes a bag stand out irrespective of how good it looks.




These bags range in sizes meaning they can be large, medium or small sized. You ought to choose a size that will be able to hold all your necessities. It would be cumbersome to carry a number of small bags or a big bag that is half empty.


Zipper and hardware.


A duffel bag need to have a strong zipper that wouldn't burst when the bag is full. For small items like phones and keys that you will most likely need to use frequently, your bag should have outside pockets or compartments. Internal compartments are also important to aid in arranging your items.


Strap strength.


The duffle bag you go for must have strong straps of considerable size allowing you to carry the bag with ease. Choose one with adjustable straps to accommodate carrying the bag on your shoulders. A small strap will allow you to carry the bag by hand.


The interior.


Cleaning leather is no easy task. This is because leather is rough and also to protect the leather from damage or getting dirty. Having the lining also helps beautify the bag. Find out more of this when you browse over to the site at The inner space of your bag should also be of reasonable size depending on your storage needs.


Its Weight.


This is another factor one needs to consider. Going for a heavy duffle bag hinders continuous movement making it uncomfortable to carry. The leather itself,  zipper  and other hardware shouldn't be too  heavy. The hardware materials are normally brass or nickel.




The duffel bag should be made of durable material for it to serve you for a long time. It should be able to withstand the weight of the items in the bag without getting worn out after being used a few times hence guaranteeing you that the bag will be around for long and be a worthy investment of your money.




Real Leather Bags are normally  used for a number of activities such as traveling and sports. Choose a design that fits the intended purpose or use will not only make you look stylish but also ensure that you walk around conveniently. This is what is known as fitting its intended purpose.